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Frinze Stretch Marks Eraser oil

Erase stretch marks with visible results in 14 days !

Shipping world wide with money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

Why this oil... ?

-This oil is 100% natural extracted from the leaves of the Frinze tree in the forest.

-It helps prevent stretch marks during pregnancy especially when usage is begun before the 6th month of gestation.

-It is also used to erase existing stretch marks which develop as a result of pregnancy or other reasons.

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Customers reviews

Best stretch mark cream I’ve tried on the market! And I’ve tried and tested around 10! 28 weeks pregnant with twins & no signs of stretch marks yet. Smells nice, absorbs easy, can feel that it helps skin. Only downfall is I get through one tub in about 2 weeks!!
Adam Sendler
I'm pregnant, the eight month, and I've tryed many products for belly and strech marks. Some were better than the others, but neither have solved the problem with the itchy and irritated skin completely, until I bought Frinze stretch marks oil . This is great, it calms my skin and it absorbes quickly. It doesn't have any scent, which some may not like, but I guess if you feel sick while pregnant, it's a good thing.
I used this to rub butter along with the tummy rub oil throughout my pregnancy. I was apprehensive as I am prone to stretch marks , I already have a few fine ones on my hips and thighs from my teenage years. I wanted to give it a go as I read the reviews and totally feared nasty stretch marks. I can honestly say my baby is now one month old and I don’t have one stretch mark. I can recommend this stuff enough!
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